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Jokhanaan Salome width= Napoleon from "War and Peace" Telramund "Loengrin"

 Jago Otello 1987F.Foscari I due Foscari Jago Otello 2001

Huan Carlos & Napoleon F.MozhaevNapoleon MET Opera "Legend of invisible city Kitezh" Poyarok

F. Mozhaev & Placido Domingo after the "Parsifal" "Queene of Spades" Eletsky After the "war & Peace" MET Opera 2002

" The Fiery Angel" Ruprekht Families : Konchalovsky & Mozhaev Milan 2000 "Otello" Jago

"Otello" Jago "Parsifal" Amfortas "Parsifal" Amfortas

"The Fiery Angel" Ruprekht, Melburn"War & Peace" Balkonsky "Queen of Spades" Eletsky, Bolshoi Theatre Moscow

'Mazeppa" "I due Foscary" Fr. Foscary

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